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Fix & Flip Loans

Covering both the purchase and renovation, our personalized Fix & Flip loans will turn your dreams of flipping the properties with less out-of-pocket money!

Are you a professional realtor looking to purchase a property so that you can renovate and flip it? Or you are an investor trying to buy a vacant or non-performing property that has the true potential to be a long-term investment?

We have all been there. Finding a diamond in the rough! The good bones beneath a not-so-pretty exterior begging to be rescued, and knowing in your heart that you can bring out the best in a place. With a lot of hard work, sweat, love, and tears, we believe in your ability to make that house into someone’s home.

We also know what it is like to have the perfect investment property just out of reach because of shortages in the capital, or not being able to afford the patio that would just tie the backyard together perfectly, or being able to go that extra mile, and installing a brand new kitchen, and that is what our fix and flip loans are for. These extra steps can mean the difference between a great house and a home, and we are here to help you take these steps so that when the perfect buyer walks through the front door, they can see the love you put into it.

By combining your years of experience and expertise with our capital, we will empower you to be able to buy, renovate, and repair the perfect property, with the intent to sell it for a profit. But it is not just about rescuing a property from demolition, it is also about the opportunity to make someone else’s dreams a reality, something we both work to do on a daily basis. Together, we can build the perfect house flipping team by building a loan that works not just with you, but also for you.


After Repair Value (ARV)
  • 12-Months
  • Loans from $50k to $2M
  • Up to 80% of the purchase price + 100% of renovation cost
  • Rates Start at 8.75%

Rental Loans

From excited first-time landlords to experienced property managers, acquiring and improving a new property for your portfolio can be an overwhelming and complex process. So many things need to be done, and so little time is afforded to do them. From selection to purchasing, to renovation, to touring, to leasing, the intricacies can be stressful and time-consuming enough to manage without having to worry about funding. With our Rental Loans, we aim to empower your project, simplifying the funding portion of the process so that you and your team can handle what really matters.

We know what it is like trying to find the perfect rental property; the property with the best long term value, the property with the lowest risk, the property that is ready to go as-is. And when you find the perfect property, the process to acquire it can be hectic. These loans are designed with a property manager in mind and are created to assist in the acquisition and preparation of rental properties, both commercial and residential. These loans can cover the expense of the actual purchase but can also be written to cover projects that will help improve the property, correct code violations, and make the location more attractive to potential residents.

For borrowers, these loans can provide a vital influx of available capital to a project, and for us, the lender it represents a chance to invest in a local business, and improve housing and commercial space options in our community.


  • 30-Year Amortization
  • Loans from $55k to $1M
  • Up to 80% of the purchase price + 100% of renovation cost
  • Rates Start at 6.25%

Bridge Loans

We have designed reliable commercial bridge loans to help you (as a borrower) to fulfill all your immediate goals, and then you are able to exit the bridge loan either by refinancing it with an inexpensive bank loan or you can sell the property.

Our team works closely with you to execute a safe and sound business plan so that you can achieve the exit strategy with ease. Our focus is to provide loans for value-added properties that the borrowers can simply transform into cash-flowing properties.

If you are interested, please contact us today and we will evaluate the property and show you how a bridge loan can help you achieve your goals. 


Short-Term Bridge & Fix and Flip
  • 12-Months (6-Month Extension)
  • Loans from $250k to $3M
  • Up to 70% of the purchase price + 100% of renovation cost
  • Rates Start at 8.75%
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